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About SunOp Services
With over 2 decades of experience in the Solar Electric Energy and Cleantech Industry. Having worked to execute some of the first Solar PPA’s., having strategic relationships dating back to early 2000's with companies like BP Solar and later was an early team members of SunEdison, before advising and or contracting with some of the biggest brands in the Cleantech space on a broad range of topics. Overseeing or directly participating in the development, sales and execution through commissioning of 1000s of Global solar projects amounting to more than 2.5gWs of operational solar systems. A strong background in regulatory and policy running the PAC (Political Action Committee or acted as the none registered liaison to major trade and government agencies.

Additionaly over the last 10 years there has been with a focus on battery energy storage in mobility and stationary. Working with EV OEMs and utilites companies supporting their electrification goals globaly. Having developed a market platform for use of secondlife EV batteries in grid aplications. Determining and defining its commercial and technical value to Renewable integration, Rural Electrification and the multitudes of newly discovered/defined utility applications. 
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